• Winged ceramic vessel, 2018

       "Many times, the starting point of my creative process is the intention to design an object/product that incorporates specific values. These values could be aesthetic, functional, conceptual or a blend of them all.
       With this intention occupying my mind for a while, the solution often appears as a vision; like the spontaneous religious epiphanies experienced by people since the dawn of humanity. The only thing I must do next is to determine if the given solution can make it to production.
       Winged vessel is the product of my intention to design a ceramic piece with an unexpected form for this type of material while the form at the same time enriches its functionality.
       By adding “wings” to the lid, the piece changes dramatically visually with the viewing angle. The wings offer a resting surface for the small objects we want to keep on display, in contrast to the ones we keep hidden in the container."

    3d printed porcelain
    Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos