• Waffle, fruit container, 2005

    Rapid prototype in ABS plastic then resin casted in silicon mold
    Photos: Dionysis Kouris

    I thought that a container destined to hold fruit must primarily be capable of maintaining its contents intact for as long a time as possible.
    I have also taken into account that fruit first rot at the points of contact with other fruit and with the container holding them. Fruit also rot faster when not well aerated.
    Therefore, the Waffle has been designed, on the one hand, to allow the free circulation of air around the fruit and, on the other hand, to minimize the area of contact between the fruit and the container. Furthermore, the size of the Waffle is suitable to hold a satisfactory quantity of fruit without being squeezed against one another or stacked on top of one another.
    If you have already thought that the Waffle is not suitable for small fruit such as cherries, strawberries, etc., you are right. But then such fruit are usually kept in the fridge.