• Torus wine bucket, 2018

    Material: polished stainless steel
    Dimensions: maximum diameter 24 cm, height 22 cm
    Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos
    Producer: Free for edition “Serving, a process of placing food/drink from the one serving to the one being served. Historically, it has underlined social class difference, but has also been the expression of respect, love and care. In our days, it is more linked to the relationship between customer and waiter, an often-uneasy relationship at the expense of the latter. Driven by this relationship the Torus wine bucket was designed with focus on the waiter in a symbolic effort to honor him, offering him a generous 360-degree handle.”

    Τhe user catches the object without having to rotate-adjust his hands until he reaches the handles since the handle is one, continuous and runs across the perimeter.