• Mutant cups, 2019

    Prototypes of the mutant cups were made by slip-casted amakusa porcelain in cnc milled molds, in Arita Japan during my creative residency the summer of 2018.
    Cup no2 and no3 are in production by Arita Marubun, Japan, with pressure casting technique.
    Dimensions: 70mm H, 71mm Diam.
    Capacity: 200ml aprox.
    Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

    Mutant cups is a project based on the same concept of the Mutant vase.

    "I was always impressed while watching science fiction movies when a foreign organism or a parasite was moving underneath the skin of a human being altering its smooth surface by its own form. Similar when those artificial metallic blades appearing gradually from Woolverine’s human hands and then disappearing again leaving the hands intact.
    These striking movie images I wanted to incorporate discreetly in this specific object adding a “mutation” that gradually appears and disappears disturbing aesthetically its smooth surface."