• Magneto, table 2013

    Project assistant: Giannis Lampropoulos
    Size: d:40cm, h:43cm
    Material: 4mm powder coated metal sheet
    Photos: Nikos Alexopoulos

    I have always been attracted by magnets. Attempting to use them in my design work has just been a matter of time. Considerations about the harmfulness of magnets in relation to electronic devices and heart pacemakers have been taken into account.

    This project is the first evidence of my effort to create a stable structure using the invisible magnetic power as the main way of connection between the different parts of the construction. To create a structure that can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools. Just the placement of the right parts next to each other, aided by the existence of sockets and projections and of course the magnetic power, is enough to ensure the strength and the stability of the construction.

    Further research and experimentation on technical and aesthetical matters like the size and power of the magnets, the size of the structure (height, width etc.), alternative shapes (triangle, rectangle, five sided polygon), the use of different materials and a combination of them can lead to an expanded family of truly versatile products.

    Alternatively the same structure can be achieved using maybe less magic and more conventional methods (screws) but eventually resulting exactly the same look and the same characteristics of a product that can be easily assembled and disassembled and shipped occupying the minimum space.