• Joysteak, meat pounder, 2006

    Meat pounder, prototype
    3d print in ABS plastic then casted in bronze, lost wax method
    GOOOOOD FOOD, exhibition
    Photos: Dionysis Kouris
    Bienalle Internationale du Design 2006
    Saint Etienne, France

    Ask me what a joysteak is and I'll tell you it's a kitchen utensil. It is a meat pounder for steaks.
    In reality, however, I hope it is something more than that. I hope it is also an an allusion... An allusive comment on the addiction to new technologies, and especially to the part relating to entertainment, an allusive comment on the "damaging" effects that addiction may have, lastly an allusive comment on all those who, like myself, are highly concerned seeing themselves as they become addicted, and mainly to all those who become addicted without being concerned about it...