• Glyph stool, 2020

    Producer: Porventura, Portugal
    Material: solid wood in different finishes.
    Prototypes (in ash wood natural finish and black stain) were made in Italy by Motterani sedie, in 2018.
    Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

    *Glyph is a stool in solid wood based on a idea initially designed in 2016.
    A glyph formed by rounded edges is used to discern all the different parts of the construction and the way they are joined.
    The collection can be expanded adding a bench, a coffee table and a side table, bar stool, a sideboard etc.

    (*Glyph derives from the Greek word gluphē/γλυφή. Γλυφή is an ornamental groove or channel usually vertical, especially in a Doric frieze)